How much does a conference room cost in Derby?

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Derby is set amidst the magnificent Derbyshire countryside, and it offers plenty of options to both business travellers and tourists alike. The city is situated within easy reach of M1 and has good direct links to London and Nottingham East Midlands Airport. Hence, it is also an ideal destination for conferences, corporate events and activities. Read on if you are interested in knowing how to get the best value for money when hiring a conference venue. We have put together this guide containing all the information about conference room cost in Derby.

Average Cost

According to Tagvenue platform data, the average cost of renting a meeting room in the UK is a £65 hire fee per hour. The pricing module can vary – it can be a fixed price paid by the day, hour or session. The cost usually covers the room hire, some basic equipment and refreshments depending on the packages available. A per-person package known as Day Delegate Rate (DDR) is a popular payment option for corporate events. It covers room hire, refreshments options and a normal AV package. In Derby, DDR pricing may range from £20 to £100 depending on what you are looking for from your meeting space.

Size Matters

The conference room cost in Derby is determined by the size of the room and its location. The price will also depend on which type of event you are holding, such as a meeting or seminar, and how many delegates. Similarly, if your event requires additional equipment such as audio-visual equipment or catering services this will also increase costs substantially.

The most basic conference room hire package costs between £30 to £50 per hour, depending on how many people are using it at any given time. This includes all equipment needed for your event – such as chairs, tables and dividers – plus access to wi-fi and parking. If you need more than one room for your event, then this could cost up to £100 per hour depending on how much space you require to accommodate the number of people you’re expecting.

What are your options?

Backed by a rich industrial heritage and Georgian architecture, Derby offers a variety of meeting and conference venues. From historic venues and sporting venues to historic buildings and hotels, there is something for everyone. Below is the list of some options in Derby to help you determine the conference room cost in Derby:

  • The Stuart Hotel
  • Breadsall Priory Hotel and Country Club
  • Derby Mickleover Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Derby Riverlights
  • Derbyshire County Cricket Club

Focus on your requirements

When choosing a venue, it is important to consider the purpose of your conference room hire. For example, if you are looking for a place where people can come together and focus on the task at hand, the venue should have enough natural lighting and ventilation. If there are other things that need attending during this time (such as food or refreshments), then these should also be taken into account when making decisions about where exactly you want them located within your space.

For example, the meeting rooms at The Stuart Hotel have natural daylight and air conditioning. The main room, The Suite comes with its private bar, own separate entrance, and cloakroom and the hotel has an in-house restaurant to enjoy delicious food. You can also opt for their bespoke packages that include refreshments, free parking and equipment hire.

Food & Drinks

You will also need catering for your guests, and this can be provided at most venues for an additional charge if it does not form part of the hire cost of the venue. Food and drink are an important part of any business meeting, so you should consider bringing in a caterer or at least hiring a venue with in-house restaurant & bar facilities. There are many different types of catering available, including buffet-style meals, hot meals served on trays while guests eat them, snacks available throughout the day (such as sandwiches or salads) and full-cooked dinners etc.

Equipment Hire

The conference cost in Derby will also depend on the equipment you choose. A well-equipped business centre will have all these things, which may otherwise need to be hired separately. They may include:

  • A video projector with a screen and speakers (or an external monitor)
  • A sound system, including microphones and wireless headphones
  • Video conferencing equipment, if required
  • Stationary


In conclusion, the conference room cost in Derby will depend on what type of space you need. The main consideration for many businesses is their budget and whether or not it will allow them to choose their preferred venue and facilities. If you can afford it, then by all means go ahead. There is nothing worse than having a great conference room but being unable to use it because of financial constraints.

If you need a convenient location, modern facilities and a venue with parking, then our team at The Stuart Hotel Derby will be happy to help you to plan your business conference. We can also create bespoke packages that suit your needs better.

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