Learning and Development!

Human Resources

Our comprehensive learning and development program has helped us to strengthen the skills of our hotel staff and increase their productivity. It has equipped them with professional knowledge, technical ability, and people management skills. We organise regular training to motivate our staff to become better at their job and utilise their true potential. With regular training, our new employees get to learn about our business and work culture.

Let’s look at some of the benefits that our Mentor Training Program has added to our overall business:


  • Increased satisfaction levels, feel appreciated, challenged and have a better internal relationship
  • Rapid growth in achieving their personal and professional goals with increased knowledge and productivity
  • Self-reliant in their work as they know what to do and how to do it with available sources and tools


  • Helpful in assessing performance as well as identifying employees for promotion or advancement
  • Making the best use of their skills and experience by measuring their abilities and personalities
  • Useful in maintaining SOPs and standards across the business


  • Helpful in cultivating an environment of specific values and standards
  • Improvement in daily hotel operations, employee engagement and business growth

Whether it is daily operations or talking to a customer for reservation, every staff member needs to be equipped with the knowledge to achieve their daily goals. With our learning and development program, we have been able to successfully streamline skill management within our organisation.

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