The World of Glass Museum, St Helens

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Explore St Helens

The World of Glass is the place to learn the history of glass along with experiencing glassblowing demos. The museum has two great galleries to explore – ‘Glass Roots Gallery’ that explains the history of glass and its important role in everyday life and ‘Earth into Light Gallery’, which tells the story of what made St. Helens, a world leader in glass making.

In 1826, Peter Greenall the brewer, and his brother-in-law William Pilkington, invested in a new project called The St Helens Crown Glass Company. William’s brother Richard soon joined them but after Peter’s early death, the firm changed its name to Pilkington Brothers. The company soon became a major St Helens employer and an international name in the manufacture of flat glass.

Watch the Victorian furnace and explore the underground tunnels of the world’s first regenerative glass-making furnace which was built in 1887 by William Windle Pilkington. The machine produced higher quality glass and faster, more efficient melting, which transformed the industry at a stroke and made the Pilkington family’s fortune.

Learn about complete design and manufacturing service at Hot Studio and experience the live demonstrations of the art of glassblowing. You can also take tailor-made and short educational courses on a variety of glassmaking techniques such as glassblowing, kiln forming and sand casting.

If you have an inquisitive mind, don’t forget to visit the Mirror Maze and try to find the resident wizard. You can also treat yourself to some shopping therapy in the Artisan Gift Shop and end your trip with mouthwatering food in St Helens’ only canal-side cafe.

A perfect day out for history enthusiasts, the museum is just an 8-minute drive away from Lakeside Hotel. All rooms are equipped with free wi-fi, a flat-screen TV, a tea/coffee maker and Hypnos beds. With free parking, bright decor and a lovely lakeside view, you can explore the best of St Helens with ease.

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