Knowsley Safari Park, Prescot

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Explore St Helens

Knowsley Safari Park is a wonderful day-out option for everyone, whether young or old. Liverpool’s wildest day out experience is filled with fun and excitement as you get to see the world’s most beautiful and exotic animals from the comfort of your own car. A stunning 550-acre safari drive is sure to fulfil your adventurous cravings while you get up close and personal with the animals.

A lion

A trip to the park is a must to enjoy the best outdoor time with your family and friends. Hidden behind a very traditional scene of Britishness with woodland, old stone walls and fields, this special place is home to over 500 majestic creatures including lions, tigers, elephants, meerkats, giraffes and rhinos. A drive through lion enclosure is a real highlight of the safari drive while for some baboons, which are fans of exploring the vehicles that enter their enclosure. Whether you get up close on the Baboon Bus or take the car-friendly route, there is plenty of great monkey madness; the boisterous baboons that have become Knowsley’s trademark.

A kid watching a tiger in safari park

The Foot Safari experience includes sea lion displays and plays areas, meerkats, and giraffes. Get acquainted with the family of meerkats, and keep an eye out for our cutest family, the South American bush dogs. You also get to experience the newly opened Amur Tiger Trail. Step into the tiger’s territory as you make your way into the forest. Keep your eyes peeled for tigers because they might have already spotted you. A thrilling experience you can always brag about among your friends!

A weasel

The park also offers a chance to see an array of native British wildlife. You can spot the waterfowl nesting around the park’s beautiful Mizzy Lake or watch kestrels and buzzards in the woodland along with stoats, weasels and squirrels. Families can enjoy the amusement rides and explore the play areas to keep their little ones entertained all day long.  Overall, Knowsley Safari Park is truly Merseyside’s premier leisure attraction to add to your travel bucket list of 2022.

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