Passage to India, a ‘Raj Style’ food journey

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Explore Newcastle

Looking for some extraordinary food experience in Newcastle? Then hop on the wonderful ‘Passage to India’, a ‘Raj Style’ escorted train service from Newcastle Central station to the Valley Indian restaurant in Corbridge. The railway carriage, which is part of the restaurant, was numbered 397 when it was built for the Great Northern Railway at Doncaster in 1912. You just need to relax and enjoy your journey to Corbridge in style as uniformed staff meets you at your departure point and escort you to the restaurant.

The package includes return travel for everyone in your group and a four-course meal from the Valley’s menu. The orders are taken on the train from a full à la Carte menu and will be ready on your arrival. You can choose any starter and main course, regardless of price. Main courses will be supplemented by The Valley’s chef’s choice of vegetables, naan bread and rice, followed by dessert, and coffee with special chocolates.

Price Range (from Newcastle): £38.50 per person (parties of 10 or more) and £42.50 per person (groups of less than 10)

Embassy Hotel is just an 8-minute drive away from Newcastle Central station, the starting point of Passage to India.

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