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by | Jun 26, 2023 | Explore Manchester

Are you looking for a brain workout that is both entertaining and challenging? If so, it is time to spice up your trip to Cheshire with an escape room experience. Located at 143 Manchester Road in Cheshire, Code To Exit offers a real-life escape room game where you and your team have 60 minutes to escape a locked room by uncovering clues and solving puzzles. With three fantastic escape rooms to choose from, you and your friends or family can embark on an exhilarating adventure and tackle intriguing puzzles.

Once you have selected one of the three room options – The Endless Energy, The Forger, or The Dark Ages – it is up to you to locate the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape before the time runs out. Will you be able to find the elusive endless energy cube? Can you distinguish a genuine masterpiece from a studio filled with forgeries? Or perhaps you will find yourself in the heart of medieval Camelot, where you must free the legendary sword Excalibur. The pressure, excitement, and immersive room atmosphere will keep you on your toes as you navigate your way through the challenges.

Take a look at the rooms below and let the adventure unfold:

  1. The Endless Energy

In this room, humanity’s future survival hinges on discovering an energy source with infinite potential. Can you locate the elusive endless energy cube within 60 minutes and solve this critical puzzle? Your success might just save the planet.

  1. The Forger

Locked inside the studio of the world’s most renowned art forger, you’ll find yourself surrounded by numerous famous paintings, all of them cleverly crafted fakes. However, among them lies one genuine and highly valuable artwork. Your task is to identify it and escape the room within the time limit of 60 minutes.

  1. The Dark Ages

Welcome to the realm of Camelot and the legendary King Arthur. Uncover the secrets that will unleash the power of the magical sword Excalibur and continue your quest to discover the fabled Holy Grail. To overcome this challenge within the 60-minute window, your team will need keen observation skills and sharp wits.

Which room will you choose for your adventure? Andras and Zoltan, the skilled masters of the game, are eager to test your mettle alongside your fellow escapists.

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