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Have you ever tried an escape room experience to give your brain some workout? If not, then it is time to add some quirky activities to your Cheshire trip. Situated at 143 Manchester Road, Cheshire, Code To Exit operate a real-life escape room game where you have 60 minutes to find your way out of the locked room by finding clues and solving puzzles. You can enjoy an amazing puzzle-solving adventure in three fabulous escape rooms with your family and friends and solve some interesting puzzles.

Once you choose a room experience out of three options – The Endless Energy, The Forger and The Dark Ages – you and your team need to find the clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the room within the 60-minute limit. Can you track down the endless energy cube? Or identify the world’s most valuable painting among a studio of fakes? Or find yourself in medieval Camelot to free the fabled sword Excalibur? This overwhelming tension, excitement and authentic room atmosphere keep you on your toes as you puzzle your way through the room.

Make your choice amongst the rooms below and let the adventure begin:

  1. The Endless Energy

Mankind’s future survival depends on finding a source that can supply infinite energy. You must find the endless energy cube in this room within 60 minutes to solve this puzzle. If you do that, you might save the planet.

  1. The Forger

You get locked in the studio of the world’s greatest art forger. There will be lots of famous paintings, all fakes. But then, there is another painting, the expensive and original one.  Identify it and you can hope to escape the room within the 60-minute limit.

  1. The Dark Ages

‘Welcome to Camelot and the legend of King Arthur. You uncover the secrets that release the magical sword Excalibur and then go on to discover the legendary Holy Grail. You and your team will need strong observation skills to beat the 60-minute window.

So, which room would you try? Two masters of the game, Andras and Zoltan can’t wait to challenge you and your fellow escapers. Pinewood Hotel is just a 20-minute drive away from Code to Exit.

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