Casa Mere Hotel Guide: Explore the Hidden Gems of Knutsford

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Explore Knutsford

Knutsford is home to some of the most impressive places in the UK. The town offers great options for a day or weekend visit for families and travellers. Whether you love hiking, bird watching, or exploring the unheard places, the town has something for everyone. There is so much to explore, experience, and discover including its popular hidden attractions. If you are planning to visit the quaint and quirky town, don’t forget to add the following fun and interesting hidden gems of Knutsford to your itinerary.

Gauntlet Birds of Prey: Known as the largest bird of prey park in the North West, Gauntlet Birds of Prey is a heaven for bird and animal lovers. The Park is home to over 120 birds of prey, including the smallest owls, majestic eagles, cheeky vultures, playful hawks, and lots more. The experience just does not stop here as you get to enjoy a daily show at 3 pm from March to October. For families with kids, the Park has a large play area for children with plenty of room for picnics.

Situated at Manchester Road, Knutsford, Gauntlet Birds of Prey is just a 4-minute drive from Casa Mere Hotel.

Penny Farthing Museum: Penny Farthing Museum is the only museum of this kind in the UK. The history of the museum dates to 1978, when the founder, Glynn Stockdale started collecting ‘Penny Farthing’, the majestic bicycle from the 1870s. The museum has been incorporated into ‘The Courtyard Coffee House’ with a unique collection of Penny Farthings adorning the restaurant. Museum is a perfect place for people who want to experience art, history, and food in one place.

Set in a hidden courtyard, just off King Street, the museum is just a 7-minute drive from Casa Mere Hotel.

Lymm Dam: A great place for a day out, Lymm Dam is known for its great beauty and tranquillity. Its woodlands and meadows provide stunning local walks. Constructed in 1824 to make way for a road, now A56, the dam falls in the category of ‘Importance for Nature Conservation’ having a variety of trees and wildlife around it. The place offers canal paths, the Trans Pennine Trail, and a variety of footpaths for outdoors lovers.

To reach Lymm Dam, you can park your car on Crouchley Lane and access the footpath or you can take the A56 or Lakeside Road. The dam is just a 10-minute drive from Casa Mere Hotel.

Tree of Imagination: Set in the village of Lower Peover, the Tree of Imagination is an old tree that has been carved to make it look like a fairy house. The roof includes an owl box, a bat box along a nesting box. In recent years, the tree has become a fun feature of the village as well as a source of inspiration and creativity for the younger generation. Do not forget to climb over the tree and look in its windows in search of fairies.

Situated at Broom Lane, Knutsford, the fabulous tree is just a 13-minute drive from Casa Mere Hotel.

The list of hidden gems of Knutsford does not end here as Knutsford offers a variety of experiences to family and leisure travellers. Explore the cobbled streets and popular attractions of Knutsford with Casa Mere Hotel, set in the heart of rural Cheshire within easy reach of M6. The free on-site parking and delicious food at The Kilton Inn restaurant & Bar help you to refuel before hitting the road and enjoying the local sites. Book your stay: www.casamereknutsford.com

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