Scenic Views in Huddersfield You Can Not Miss!

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Huddersfield people are absolutely spoilt for choices when it comes to the beautiful views. Nestled in the beautiful Yorkshire, known as God’s own county, the town is home to some of the most scenic views in the region. If you are looking for some great spots for a picnic or day out, don’t forget to put the following scenic views in Huddersfield on your bucket list.

Castle Hill:

Castle HillCastle Hill stands more than 300m above sea level overlooking the town of Huddersfield. The place offers a magnificent view for a scenic picnic time with your family or friends. The site is a scheduled ancient monument and has the grade II listed Victoria Tower situated on its summit. The tower is open to the public every day of the summer holidays and on most weekends. Castle Hill is the best to enjoy the beautiful sunset in an open space while enjoying some music and treasuring the view with your loved ones.

Pro Tip: The path becomes narrow as you drive up to the top. So, park your car in the lower parking area and just go and discover the view.

Pule Hill:
Pule HillPule Hill offers satisfying views from the trails over the Moors. The walk to the hill starts from in the lovely village of Marsden and offers everything for a momentous day out, from vast open moorland to views from the top of the Pennines and a small, yet iconic hill to climb. The entire trail offers a great walking and running venue with multiple options for routes and distances. Once you are on the top, you get a great platform for views over Lancashire and Greater Manchester too.

Pro Tip: The best place to park your car is at the National Trust car park by the canal and Marsden railway station. Don’t forget to view the maps of a range of different routes in the area.

Holme Moss:
Holme MossHolme Moss, an iconic British hill climb, has been used for big race events including the Tour of Britain and the now extinct Leeds Classic. The high moorland is situated 11 miles south of Huddersfield on the border of Yorkshire and Derbyshire. The climb follows the River Holme gently up the valley through Holmfirth, gaining 524 mt altitude. Interestingly, the Holme Moss transmitting station situated at Holme Moss provides coverage to a wide area including South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Greater West Yorkshire, and Manchester.

Pro Tip: At 2.9 miles and with almost 524 m of climbing, the viewpoint can assess your endurance. So, pack enough juice for the day to keep yourself hydrated and energised.

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