Scenic Viewpoints in Huddersfield You Can Not Miss

by | Aug 24, 2022 | Explore Huddersfield

Huddersfield is truly blessed with an abundance of options when it comes to marvelling at beautiful vistas. Nestled within the exquisite landscape of Yorkshire, which is often referred to as “God’s own county,” the town boasts some of the most picturesque views within the region. If you’re seeking splendid locations for a picnic or a day out, be sure to include the following scenic viewpoints in Huddersfield on your must-visit list.

Castle Hill:

Castle HillRising more than 300 metres above sea level and commanding a vantage point over Huddersfield, Castle Hill stands as a grand spectacle. This locale provides an awe-inspiring setting for a leisurely picnic with your loved ones. The site, a designated ancient monument, is crowned by the Grade II-listed Victoria Tower on its summit. During the summer holidays and on most weekends, the tower opens its doors to the public. Castle Hill holds the distinction of being an ideal spot to bask in the enchanting sunset amidst open surroundings, accompanied by music and cherished company.

Top Tip: The path narrows as you ascend towards the summit. Hence, it’s advisable to park your vehicle in the lower parking area and explore the view on foot.

Pule Hill:
Pule HillPule Hill offers gratifying panoramas from its trails across the Moors. Commencing from the charming village of Marsden, the journey to this hill caters to a memorable day out, encompassing vast expanses of open moorland and panoramic views from the pinnacle of the Pennines. The entire trail presents an excellent terrain for walking and running, with a variety of route options and distances to choose from. Upon reaching the summit, you are rewarded with a splendid platform to admire vistas extending over Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Pro Tip: The most convenient parking area is at the National Trust car park near the canal and Marsden railway station. Be sure to peruse the maps outlining various routes in the vicinity.

Holme Moss:
Holme MossHolme Moss, an iconic ascent in the British hill-climbing tradition, has hosted significant racing events such as the Tour of Britain and the now-defunct Leeds Classic. Situated 11 miles to the south of Huddersfield on the border between Yorkshire and Derbyshire, this high moorland route follows the course of the river Holme, ascending gently through Holmfirth and gaining an altitude of 524 meters. Intriguingly, the transmitting station located on the site provides coverage over an extensive area encompassing South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Greater West Yorkshire, and Manchester.

Top Tip: Spanning 2.9 miles with an ascent of nearly 524 metres, this viewpoint will put your endurance to the test. Therefore, remember to bring ample refreshments to stay hydrated and invigorated throughout the day.

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