Explore Huddersfield: Fortune Hotel’s guide to history, sports and more

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Explore Huddersfield

If you’re not familiar with Huddersfield, you might not be aware of the remarkable attractions the town offers to travel enthusiasts. Situated conveniently between Leeds and Manchester, this town played a pivotal role in the industrial revolution and is renowned as the birthplace of Rugby League, Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and international film star James Mason. Now that you’ve been introduced to these captivating aspects let’s explore Huddersfield through the lens of Fortune Hotel:


Huddersfield Railway Station

The historical significance of Huddersfield Railway Station, an esteemed Grade I listed edifice, traces back to the 1850s. This station was aptly lauded by the eminent English poet, writer, and broadcaster Sir John Betjeman as ‘the most splendid station façade in England’. It proudly graces St Georges Square, a recipient of the Europa Nostra award for its exceptional European architecture. In 2014, the National Heritage Collection, overseen by the registered charity English Heritage, bestowed the station with the honour of being among the “10 Greatest English Railway Stations”. An award-winning station, it’s adorned with a statue of Harold Wilson, a two-time Prime Minister of the UK.


Birthplace of Rugby League

Huddersfield is the birthplace of the Rugby League, which was founded in 1895. On the 29th of August in that year, a historic meeting at the George Hotel in Huddersfield saw 21 clubs come together and decide to break away from the Rugby Football Union, establishing the foundation of the Rugby League. The local Rugby League team, known as the ‘Huddersfield Giants’, actively participates in the European Super League. An enduring commemoration of this historic moment is a plaque outside the George Hotel. Remarkably, plans are in place to transform the hotel into a national museum, preserving the rich narrative of a sport that continues to resonate within communities.


Greenhead Park

Greenhead Park offers a tranquil escape from the bustling urban environment. As the largest park in Huddersfield, it boasts an array of attractions, including a skate park, bowling greens, tennis courts, a miniature steam railway, various rides, play areas, a paddling pool, horse and carriage rides, a conservatory, and more. Of the five lakes within the park, the Ornamental Lake stands as the largest, recently redesigned to attract diverse wildlife. Providing a choice of refreshment options, there’s a parkside café near the tennis courts and a newer facility located behind the conservatory that offers outdoor and indoor dining experiences.


Town Centre

Huddersfield’s reputation extends to its expensive and diverse retail hub, nestled within the town’s ring road. The town centre hosts an array of national high-street retailers and chain stores. Explore Huddersfield and embark on a shopping spree across three distinct shopping areas: Kingsgate, The Packhorse Precinct, and The Piazza Centre. The Piazza presents an outdoor shopping enclave near the public library, featuring a grassy expanse perfect for relaxation and year-round events. In proximity, the Market Arcade stands as a covered market hall with listed building status, distinguished by its unique roof fashioned from hyperbolic paraboloids. Adjacent to Tesco on the opposite side of the town centre, an open market offers additional shopping opportunities.


The John Smith’s Stadium

The John Smith’s Stadium is a versatile sports arena equipped with fitness facilities, a swimming pool, spa amenities, and diverse sporting classes. Serving as the home to both Huddersfield Giants and the Huddersfield Town football team, the stadium caters for a range of entertainment preferences. Additionally, The Lawrence Batley Theatre offers a platform for dance, drama, comedy, music, and exhibitions. Exploring the evening scene, you’ll find numerous pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs to choose from, including Tokyo, which finds its residence within the former Huddersfield County Court—a Grade II listed building dating back to the 19th century. A noteworthy highlight is the Parish (formerly the Fleece Inn), the town’s oldest pub that has been in operation since 1720.

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