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Derby Museum and Art Gallery is home to the largest collection of Joseph Wright paintings and a vast collection of intriguing treasures including an Egyptian Mummy. There is a lot to discover and learn about the works of Joseph Wright, fantastic porcelain, military, natural history, and world collections. A trip to the museum is a must-do activity to discover things that will arouse your curiosity and inspire your imagination.

The main room is arranged into seven zones entitled Consume, Believe, Create, Conflict, Furnish, Adorn and Communicate. Each of the objects you will experience has a history of human connection, having been crafted, used, loved, lost, stolen, collected, stored or hidden and now displayed with the greatest of respect. From talking drums and wooden pillows to terrible weapons designed to torture enslaved workers. Each zone will offer both comfort and discomfort and we challenge you to not find something that captivates your head and heart.

Joseph Wright of Derby

Derby Museums is home to the world’s largest collection of works by artist Joseph Wright.

Joseph Wright famous paintingBorn in Derby in 1734, Wright is an internationally renowned artist, whose paintings and works on paper adorn the walls of major galleries the world over. Famed as a “painter of light” and for his association with key members of the intellectual movement known as the Enlightenment, he is now considered to be one of Britain’s most interesting and wide-ranging painters. The Joseph Wright Gallery is a permanent space dedicated to displaying the full range of his spectacular paintings alongside small, temporary displays of drawings and prints from the museums’ collection.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery is just a 4-minute drive away from The Stuart Hotel.

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