Sacred Heart Church, Blackpool

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You can’t get enough of Blackpool. There is a famous tower, pleasure beach, amusement parks, piers, promenade, casinos, and much more. However, if you want to take a break from this overwhelming funfair and explore a hidden gem in Blackpool, then visit Sacred Heart Church.

As you start walking into the town centre from North Pier, you will find a small Victorian building on your way. From the outside, it looks like a simple religious building but inside, a stunning Gothic Revival style of architecture is waiting for you. Constructed in 1857, this beautiful Grade II listed building was the first Roman Catholic church built in Blackpool.

Sacred Heart Church, Blackpool

Edward Pugin, son of Augustus Welby Pugin (famous architect) designed the original chapel. The wonderful roof lantern is truly an architectural gem. The lantern at the top of the cross is 32m high and 6m in diameter. The building is built of brick with stone cladding. The whole design is so pleasing to the eye and the stone facade and slate roof make for some great photographic opportunities.

The church is a small building, and it will not take you long to look around. It is still an active church and most definitely well worth checking out if you are taking a stroll on Talbot Street in Blackpool.

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