Blackpool Tower

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Blackpool Tower is one of Britain’s best-loved landmarks and one of the city’s most popular attractions.

The iconic tower was opened to the public on 14 May 1894. At that time, Blackpool Tower was the tallest man-made structure in Britain. The town gets 18 million visitors per year and generations of families have come to enjoy all that Blackpool has to offer. Standing in all its glory at 518ft height, Blackpool Tower gives you a panoramic view of the town and the nearby cities. 

If you are visiting the tower for the first time, you cannot stop admiring the remarkable design, immense scale, and ornate decorations. Even though many original attractions have evolved and developed within the Blackpool Tower, visitors are always astounded by its unarguable wow factor.

Experience the best views in the North West from the top

Blackpool Tower

Enjoy a 518ft trip into the sky to the top of the tower and experience the thrilling SkyWalk. Walkout if you dare onto the five-centimetre thick glass viewing platform, where you can look out into the Irish Sea and see the famous Blackpool Promenade below you. See the North West of England spread out before you with views over Bowland, up to the Lake District and on a bright day down to Liverpool and across to the Isle of Man.

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