How hotel technology can support hoteliers with their ambitions for growth

by | Dec 9, 2021 | AG Hotels Group

“For me, one of the things that makes me proudest to work within the hospitality sector is the sheer resilience and determination that has been displayed time and again in recent months. And as restrictions ease and the world continues to open up, growth looks even more positive. Whilst we are now meeting again face to face, for me, the foundation throughout, alongside the best people in the business, has been the technology that is available. Hotel technology has always been a cornerstone of our business and happily, there has been a huge advance in software and tools that are now at our disposal. All of which have been fundamental in enabling us at AG Hotels Group to continue to build and which all hoteliers should ensure are part of their strategy for growth.”

Girish Grover
CEO, AG Hotels Group

Here are the top five tools and tips on how hoteliers can make the most out of technology for their own growth and development plans:

1. Online check-in / out and payments

Taking management of guest arrivals and payments online pays real dividends in terms of boosting efficiency across your operation. Offering guests, the opportunity to enter their own data via an online check-in means that staff are not wasting time on unnecessary paperwork, and the guest can enjoy a much smoother check-in process at their leisure, as our Guestline PMS is also automatically updated with key information and guest preferences. The same applies to online payments. In a similar vein to GuestStay for check-in / out, the GuestPay solution offers guests the option to pay their pre-stay deposit or full invoice via a secure online PayLink. Frictionless and efficient, allowing you and your team more time to focus on the guest and future plans.

2. Flexible team management and communication

As well as online functions for check-in / out and payments, our team management and communication has moved online and become more flexible. Whether that be accessing the systems off-site, via an app or video calling it means we haven’t had to compromise or lose pace when important discussions need to happen and decisions need to be made – whether that be managing guests, negotiating with suppliers, managing staff rotas or planning future packages, offers or building and refurbishment projects. As the PMS is hosted in the cloud, we can still access our systems remotely so staff can work off-site if need be and still have access to everything on their laptops. And the same principle applies to external communication too. Staff have an open line of communication, so they feel qualified and able to deliver an exceptional service to our guests.

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